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My work and offerings to the world around me is much more than you or me. It’s bigger than just herbal medicine, creating gardens and living with nature and it’s driven by more than a deep love and passion for the plants…..this is about healing of ourselves and our home and mending our relationship and connection to this precious Earth we live on. It’s about finding a way of living that’s congruent with the rhythms and movements of nature, of life. Not just for us, but for the ones we love and the ones yet to come.

And yes, healing is at the core of all of this. The pains, wounds, and sicknesses we carry are a reflection of what our earth is going through right now. They tell us of the work that must be done at this time – the healing that is needed more than ever.   Within you is a seed – a beginning and an answer. Within you is a wound and within you is a healer. Your power and the great medicine you carry is living within those places that healing has touched. It’s in that miracle the healing you witness and experience that your gifts will surface and soar out to heal this world.  This is evolution.

The green ones, the ancient healers who are our plant allies are the ones who can open that door for us. They are the ones who can show us the wonder of mending wounds and teach us how to do this for each other and for this planet.   I carry, as you do, a medicine bag of my gifts.  Magical Forest is an expression of this medicine bag.   I do not know how this will all transform but I am clear it is creative force expressed.