Agnihotra – The Living Fire!

Agnihotra – The Living Fire!

The Nature Spirits (especially those of the fire element) have been trying to grab my attention for many years flashing the ceremony of Agnihotra at me hoping I would realize their clues.   Due to my ignorance, I obviously did not hear and misunderstood the concept, the calling and creative forces that were knocking at my Spirit.  The informative messages just kept pouring in so eventually, there was no mistake that I was to do this daily ritual.   Here is story of Agnihotra a story that will become a part of more detail e-book in formation.

Many years ago as I was molding my techniques and personality as a Natural Health teacher.  Part of the formation was I studied Ayurveda.   “Vedas” literally means “knowledge”. It is the ancient most body of knowledge known to human beings and the Vedas contains many sciences. Among them are the Vedic sciences of bio-energy, climate engineering, agriculture, biorhythms, pyramidology, surgery, medicine, etc (Ayurveda is the oldest science of medicine which exists).   Studying this “philo sopia” of Ayrurveda one is drawn into the Vedic world of understanding from a personal witness.  You can not study Ayurveda without it affecting your spiritual journey.    Agnihotra, as I now understand, was presented to me in various text and studies over and over.   At the time, I assumed it was just some sort of Incense Ceremony.  It did not transmute.    My fascination with Dr Emoto’s Hado work also brought me the book Fire and Water.  I even went to a Hado Workshop where copper pots burned incense through out the room.   I did not fully realize this book is a compilation of beautiful water crystal pictures showing the effect of Agnihotra ash in polluted waters of the world.

Last year, Walter and Susan, my community partners, spoke to me of a ceremony some biodynamic friends were doing.   They mentioned it was awakening the Nature Spirits of their farm and miracles were happening.  I listened with a wonder and accepted a request to start doing this “thing” here at Finca Sagrada/Magical Forest….whatever this “thing” was.   Walter said he would give me the tools which included a copper pyramid.   At the same time, I was also blessed to be in a sacred learning mode with a very gentle and wise lady who asked if I would be a keeper of a special, ancient ceremony.   I agreed and a gift was placed in the mail.   On one day in late December 2012, I received two copper pyramids from two different sources.  Boink!    Now, I was at full attention and began the daily practice of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra is an ancient Homa fire technique, based on the bio-rhythm of sunrise and sunset as found in the teachings of the ancient sciences of the Vedas.   The theme in regard to the purification of the atmosphere is described as:  Heal the Atmosphere, and the Atmosphere Will Heal You.

During Agnihotra, special ingredients come together to act in accord with the energetic magic of the exact moment of sunset and sunrise.   Fire, an inverted copper pyramid, dried female cow dung cakes, rice and a special mantra (sound) blend to become a very powerful force.  The healing energy (smoke) that emanates from the fire is directed into the atmosphere and are contained in the resulting ash.   The ash is used as a highly energized medicine and life force for humans and plants alike.

What fascinates me is the measurable science that is now being formed that tells a story of the amazing and sometimes startling effects of Agnihotra (clearing farms of toxic radiation and curing an HIV infection). Scientific studies came to the result that pathogenic germs were reduced to more than 90% in the proximate vicinity of an Agnihotra fire.   I will share more on this, however, as I study grow and learn, I realize and understand the effect of this ceremony on the physical atmosphere in amazing.  thus far, my own personal experience has been repairing poison damage with my dogs.    I am testing and trying it on deeper.   I am also present to an invisible subtle effect that has a strong purification influence on our mood and emotions.  

The beauty of this ancient ceremony is it is rather simple and the teachers are encouraging anyone and everyone to perform it.

With female, fresh dung collected on our land, I make cakes smoothed and scoured with my own hands.   I was hesitant at first to work with the warm, sloppy dung.  Now, my hands do most of the forming like a child creating mud pies.   It is really an honor to be doing such a task.

The dried dung cakes are coated with ghee and place in the copper pyramid.   It is like building a little cave.    The pyramid is position so that a small dot on the lip faces eat.     A small fire is started in the center.  No lighters to be used…only matches and natural fire.   I light one dung cake and gently place it into the cave hole and watch it spread in smoke and flame.   The fire and smoke dance and spirals often resembling dancing beauties.   I often feel it is communicating to me and watch the fire and smoke with fascination.    Perhaps I will learn how to read the flames and smoke on day as a tarot reads cards?    At the exact moments of Sunrise/sunset, raw grains of rice (not white rice) are dropped into the fire at two markers in a very special and ancient chant giving thanks to the creator.    I sit and watch the fire till it extinguishes leaving the sacred ashes.   This ceremony is called Agnihotra Homa.

There are other types of Homa ceremonies repeating mantras and adding drops of clarified butter or rice to the fire after the mantras.    There are ceremonies on full moon and new moon days, for healing and opening a meeting or gathering.  There are different chants sung to the fire for different purposes. According to Ayurveda by this method we are injecting nutrition in to the atmosphere. This affects us, the plant, soil and subsoil, water, air, mist, rain and etherical atmospheres.

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, scientists in some European countries curiously wondered how this Agnihotra effect was cleansing a farm in the disaster area.   Ms.Karin  had a farm near Graz in Austria. Immediately after the accident the Austrian Government issued instructions that every farmer had to carry milk and fodder for testing for radioactivity. When she did this, the inspectors were shocked, because they found only normal radioactivity levels in the milk and fodder samples. The inspectors said it was not possible to have normal radioactivity after Chernobyl. They asked: “Is there anything special that you are doing on your farm?”Ms.Karin told them that her farm was using ancient Ayurveda technology to grow food which is now presented as HOMA Organic Farming technology:  She replied..“We do a small fire in a small copper pyramid exactly at the moments of sunrise/sunset. Materials burnt are dried cow dung cake pieces, a little clarified butter from cow milk and a few grains of raw rice. This is called Agnihotra Homa.    Also we do another Homa, repeating one mantra and adding a drop of clarified butter to the fire after the mantra for four hours daily. On full moon and new moon days we take turns to maintain the second HOMA for twenty-four hours.”

Shree Vasant Paranjpe (teacher of Agnihotra) told the scientists that if they look at Agnihotra merely from the point of view of chemistry, they might not be able to make much progress. However, if they look at Agnihotra from the point of view of Quantum Physics, they would find a gold mine of knowledge in this ancient Vedic science of healing the atmosphere..Shree Vasant told the scientists “If you test Agnihotra with an oscilloscope, you will notice a special sound coming from fire. It is sound that heals. Other things are there but key is the sound.  Fire produces sound but it also reacts to sound. There is a sound at the exact moment of sunset and sunrise.   The act of singing special vibrations while the Agnihotra copper pyramid at these exact moments the fire burn creates a resonance effect which invigorates the cells of the air and plants. Resonance plays a vital part in natural phenomena.” It is RESONANCE which heals. This is how plant plagues and epidemics go away. It is RESONANCE which heals the plants, soil, water and air.   Chernobyl was very dangerous, but today it is even more dangerous. Before, the radioactive elements were in the air – now they are in the soil. Now we have Fukashima….and yes, we have enough radioactive elements bombarding us daily in our world of technology.  Of course the TVs, newspapers and radios don’t speak about the real situation, but the scientists and experts know that it is very dangerous. Every day becomes more and more difficult.  

What fascinates my mind is all religions teach that “sound” is the creative element of, well, creation.   Christianity teaches in the beginning was the word.  Buddhism shares the first sound of Aum and all religions (including modern science) are discovering the power of sound.  As I relate this to Agnihotra and the possibility that “sound” is at the core of it nourishing purification.   The copper pyramid, the dung from the sacred cow (the keeper animal of the earth), the rice, the chant and the precise and exact moment of sunrise and sunset produce a vibratory resonance of healing magical sound.    We probably are not able to measure it, yet.  But, when you participate in the ceremony, you can feel it.

This philosophy  and science of sound intrigues me.   I imagine at the time of creation we were given an etherical manual for a healthy, happy and prosperous life to mankind.  In the Vedas, the first word in this revelation was Agni which is loosely translated as fire.  

Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods said to be an early incarnation of Shiva or Brahma.  He is the god of fire and lovers.  He is the sexual energy of fire.  He is the messenger of the gods.  He is the vital spark of life at everyone’s hearth in our mind, body and Spirit.  All living things have his energy as he is the fire (chemicals) which consumes food in our stomachs, as well as the fire which warms us and gives us sight (eyes and light).    He is the fire of the sun, in the lightening bolt, and in the smoke column. The stars are sparkle with his flame and he is fire of our energy to get us through the day. He was so important to the ancients, there were over 200 vedic hymns sung to him.

I understand the Agni energy of the western culture is out of control.  We move too fast, think too much and many are burning out. Agni is a force that needs to be honed, soothed and understood.

This seems to me an indication about the supreme nature of the element of fire.  In our world today, we have almost 100 % succeeded in polluting and destroying all the other elements (water, earth and air). Almost all water resources are polluted, the air we breathe is filthy and the soil and our life stock grown in the soil are heavily contaminated with chemicals and industrial emissions carried down to earth through rain.  I believe it is an emergency.   And that is determined because people are not really understanding the consequences for our actions.    I also see a special ally in fire as the one element that is withstanding human’s destruction.

With fire as our friend, we can act now and apply that manual of instructions received along with creation to restore the harmony of nature, to reset the energy cycle of the planet.  

Research work may be important on one hand, but simultaneously we have to implement this super technology into the life of all the people of the world to counterattack pollution and heal our planet.   I see Vedic knowledge as timeless and as truth never dies, Vedic science never dies.  Homa Fire, Agnihotra, and powerful tools to secure our survival on this Planet. It is in our hands as we participate to bring positive changes and align with nature.

Testimonials of how Homa Therapy work are plenty available today and I am compiling more and more information. I suppose the Scientific explanation is left for the scientific community, but common people all over the world have to get to know about Homa now. We have to provide all the help we can. We need a mass attempt for planetary purification based on Homa Fires. 

The Labyrinth Garden – The Beginning

The Labyrinth Garden – The Beginning

On the other side of the Elven Forest appears the Labyrinth
That will adorn the bloom of Flanders Fields
The silt soil covers perfectly the forest floor
Full of years of mulched ancient yields.

Time to take a walk
Step by step!

The labyrinth combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. This archetype at its most basic level, is a metaphor for the journey to the center of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are.

Each step reveals to you who you are and how you operate in this world.  Be mindful each time you place your foot…what is going on in your head. What is felt in your heart?

Labyrinth in Poppies Fields

What I Love…

Welcome To My Daily Muse

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words!

One Voice


Do you know what I love? I love being open and listening to the world. I love being open and listening to myself. I love being able to put puzzle pieces of particulates into place and see a new picture. I love assuming nothing is only rationale, logical and factual. I love watching how the bigger mind is operating. I love hearing and considering that which I did not think about or upon. I love being pushed to a place where I am in question and then seeing/discovering the morsel of truth. I love the mystical and the esoteric. It definitely explains a lot of things unexplainable in our world. I love entertaining bigger and bigger possibilities and then seeing it even bigger in wonder. I love the work (although that is really hard). I love practicing being gentle as I know I can be harsh. I love knowing when to walk away, when to go straight in and when to let it be. After all is said, all is done, all is considered, I love being able to return to the shire where the true living exists. Green and alive! Its’ simplicity emanates from a living in service to others…friendship, dedication and honour for the littleness that brightly smiles and sometimes cries. If there is one purpose for us all, it is this…service to others. Now, how are you being that….all you have to is ask yourself in your own private mind, where I am serving me? Hopefully you can acknowledge that program that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Agnihotra – The Living Fire!

The Nature Spirits (especially those of the fire element) have been trying to grab my attention for many years flashing the ceremony of Agnihotra at...

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Inspiring Principles!

Now this is super inspiring!

Scaling up without Selling your Soul

Many successful entrepreneurial start-ups morph into Wall-Streetified empires that lose their distinctives. And in the process, the business chews up and spits out its workers and founders in a mad scramble to dominate something. Does middle ground exist between the calm talking-stick consensus circle of indigenous eastern tribal cultures and the mad scramble frenzy of western capitalism? Or perhaps more to the point in light of recent Wall Street and economic developments, what values are more important than growth? Especially since cancer is growth. At this juncture of our culture’s reality, I would like us to immerse ourselves for a few minutes in an alternative innovative business philosophy.


I am first and foremost a farmer, but not a very ordinary farmer. In fact, I’m known as a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic. Our family farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley now has four generations living on it. I’m second generation, but the day-to-day operations are handled by my son. Polyface Farm is a diversified, grass-based, beyond organic, direct marketing farm.

We produce salad bar beef, pigaerator pork, pastured poultry and eggs, forage based rabbits, and forestry products. Purchased by my mom and dad in 1961, the farm has gone from a worn out, gullied weedpatch that couldn’t even pay a salary to one that employs 10 people with more than a million dollars in sales. And it’s still experiencing exponential growth. Lush pastures supported by ecstatic copulating earthworms testify to the healing.

While many business folks would consider this a tiny business—and it is—it is considered quite a large farm by USDA sales criteria, which calls any farm with sales above $400,000 annually a large farm. Polyface direct markets everything it produces to a customer base that numbers 2,000 families, 25 restaurants, and 10 retail outlets.

For context, please understand that we don’t do anything conventionally. We haven’t bought a bag of chemical fertilizer in half a century, never planted a seed, own no plow or disk or silo—we call those bankruptcy tubes. We practice mob stocking herbivorous solar conversion lignified carbon sequestration fertilization with the cattle. The Eggmobiles follow them, mimicking egrets on the rhinos’ nose. The laying hens scratch through the dung, eat out the fly larvae, scatter the nutrients into the soil, and give thousands of dollars worth of eggs as a byproduct of pasture sanitation. Pastured broilers in floorless pasture schooners move every day to a fresh paddock salad bar. Pigs aerate compost and finish on acorns in forest glens. It’s all a symbiotic, multi-speciated synergistic relationship-dense production model that yields far more per acre than industrial models. And it’s all aromatically and aesthetically romantic.

As we’ve gone from a single-salary, cute artisanal operation to a multi-family, beyond family, multi-farm business, we’ve struggled to maintain our quality of life and the distinctives that drive sales. And we haven’t always done it well. I’ve seen way too many successful small businesses gobbled up by deep pockets with shallow values. As a result of wanting to stay with the soul of our business story, we’ve developed a list of directives. These would be different for every business, but let’s look at them and at least appreciate that they represent innovative thinking in a western capitalistic business climate. I call these ethics-based contrarian business ideas.

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Setting sales or marketing targets makes a business look at its employees differently, its products differently, and its customers differently. It’s kind of like a church that sets membership goals: the message is no longer as important as getting sign-ups. … Read more


This idea comes directly from community building and transparency. I have personally invented several concepts and terms: salad bar beef, pastured poultry, eggmobiles, pigaerators. Nothing makes me happier than when people use these words and duplicate the concepts. I hope … Read more


No difference really exists between an empire and an aspiring empire. A one salary sole proprietorship that aspires to be an empire will have the same attitude as the business that already has an empire. The bigger an outfit becomes, … Read more


We do everything possible to not have employees. I don’t mean we’re against help, or against teams. But I’m a fan of bonuses and commissions. I don’t even believe in child allowances—nobody should get paid for breathing. Most farms going … Read more


While this may sound like sacrilege and we all know how growing businesses are starved for cash, consider how many have lost the edge of their good qualities after suddenly becoming flush with cash. I’ll be honest that I haven’t … Read more


Amazingly, even the largest companies in the world still receive more than 50 percent of their business by word-of-mouth recommendation. That’s quite astounding when you think about $1 million 30-second Super Bowl ads. At Polyface, we’ve built our customer base … Read more


Numerous people have encouraged Polyface to become the Tyson of pastured poultry. But one of the distinguishing characteristics of an environmentally friendly farm compared to one that doesn’t care about the environment is how it handles the waste stream. In … Read more


This may seem nitpicky, but how many of you love talking to a robot? After being on the phone with a robot and starting over the fifth time, I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be more efficient to … Read more


At Polyface, we only raise meat chickens in the summer because that’s when they can be out on pasture. We work in the woods in the winter because that’s when the wood is better, since the sap is down. And … Read more


Finally, as we grow, we must never compromise quality. Plenty of great small business grow up to be ho-hum big businesses. Whatever growth occurs, it can never happen at the expense of quality. With clear conscience, I can honestly say … Read more


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I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...

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Three Legged

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! Informed opinion Manipulated opinion Observing opinions. I am right I am wrong I only see with tinted glasses I deserve I demand The whole world is mine to take I swing right...

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Elven Forest Newness

Elven Forest Newness

Following water is an art.   Merging water and land is a special task that takes time, attention and patience.   This is the Elven Forest drinking up new waters that will flow to Middle Earth.

My body is aching and it feels very, very good!

Elven Forest

What Is Magic?

Most of my life, I have been on a quest to learn, discover and be in harmony with magic.  Magic always captivated me.   And, due to the matrix of the mind manipulated by the systems around me, I never got too close to Magic.  However, I am slowly discovering that Magic can be a clear, honest and simple way to affect and effect change for the better.

Magic, to me, is the mystical arm of our life experience.  It is that which we do not nor can not fully understand (yet) and it is a powerful force.    At the same time, Magical can be used to create and destroy in this realm of living.   For that reason, I have always been careful with the Art of Magic.   Creative Magic (referring to magic that is good for ALL) requires we come from a place of integrity and honesty.    As a person who is learning the shadow side of my inner being, I have always been very careful with Magic sometimes choosing to “put away” or “put down” oracle tools.

This withdrawal at different times in my life has been a muse for me.   In a sense, it troubled me as I never quite felt “ready” or “worthy”.    In recent times I have been deeply feeling a call to enter the mystics of magic once again.   We have so many “stories” around magic programmed from our world of systems (religion, politics, health care, education).    I feel the New Age Movement and the movement that ignores we are in a dual world has hampered my journey in this regard too.

Recently, I came across a discernment on the Art of Magic that rang so true for me and has inspired me towards a deeper awareness.   This is from   Now, the time is ready for me to be in magic….

So here are the facts of magic as I understand them:

1) Your deepest beliefs, mindset, root assumptions are directly reflected in your external circumstances through a sub-quantum mechanism. By changing these, you can change what probable futures you enter. Therefore your subconscious is the gateway to tuning your reality. This is the foundation of magic.

2) Probability is also affected by etheric energy fields, because these fields are sub-quantum in nature, sort of like the HTML code beneath a web page. By changing the code, you can change what’s displayed on the page. There are different access levels, from a mere user who changes it by entering text on a comment form, to the designer who can rearrange layout, text, graphics, etc. to the system admin who could completely wipe the operating system if he desired. Likewise, etheric/astral energy that underlies reality has different levels/frequencies to it, and our soul/spirit composition determines how much access we have.

3) Thoughtforms / egregores / tulpas can be created, which function as executables or autonomous constructs in the ether/astral field, that are programmed to carry out tasks. They are artificially intelligent, and are like holographic fragments of the thought / mindset / energy you projected forth in creating them. They can serve you, but they are fundamentally parasitic in nature and will induce in you more of the same behaviors/energies that gave rise to them, thus they can grow out of control and suck you dry if you’re not careful. These things are not necessary to accomplish magical feats, they are just a nonphysical type of technology created with your mind and emotions. #1 above is a deeper level of reality manipulation than this; but some magicians like creating and using thoughtforms; we create them inadvertently every day, and they are the metaphysical component behind addictions and obsessions.

4) The subconscious is a gateway to a higher part of our being, called the higher mind and the higher Self. This is the spiritual supercomputer or satellite that we’re connected to, or that we’re lower projections/probes of. The subconscious is used to communicate with it. It is the seat of power behind the reality tuning/manipulation. However, there is question as to how sentient it is, whether it’s an obedient servant, or the wise master who goes ahead and lets you implement your desire because if you desired wrongly then it’ll bite you in the ass and teach you not to be so stupid next time. Either way, it has a mind of its own (which is the true part of your mind anyway, the part of you that knows better) and sometimes it approves the directives you give it, and sometimes it does not.

5) There is a divine framework and metaphysical law of action and reaction, of ethics and consequences for violation. When you go against it, you rack up a kind of karmic credit card bill, meaning you can “buy anything you want” for now without consequence but the price will be heavy in the end. This is what black magicians do. They bypass what’s right and just, and use illicit means like employing demons or hacking people’s souls/minds (to manipulate their freewill) to get what they selfishly desire. They may have success in the short run, but it’ll weaken their spirits/souls and make them increasingly susceptible to demonic manipulation and possession. When they die, they’ll have a hard time getting away from these demons who come to collect their dues.

6) Purity of intent, correctness of belief (that is, not subscribing to actually fallacious and illusory limitations), and love / empathy / joy are the most powerful forms of magic. They are not used to manipulate, but rather to attune yourself with your own destiny / divine framework, which intelligently optimizes life for maximum happiness and success. It creates synchronicities and miracles. Having a darkened / wounded soul and using black magic to get what you want is sort of like stepping hard on the gas while having the emergency brake one and one wheel missing; it goes against yourself. If you had no resistance, even the slightest push would get you rolling. But to reduce resistance, you have to let go of your bitterness, depression, sourness, jadedness, and egomania and relax into a more easygoing, optimistic, warmhearted and good willed mindset. That’s returning to your true nature.

7) There are higher beings above us, positive beings, who are wise and have great foresight; you could call them angels or guardians. They monitor our activities and when fully justified intervene to prevent certain things from happening, or in helping you out in times when you need it (according to their view); if you were to use remote viewing to try and win the 150 million dollar lottery, it is they who would prevent it if not meant to be. Because of this, magic isn’t something where with a given technique/power you can manipulate the whole world and put elementals at your command and do whatever you want, as if you were king solely by your own decree; rather, what you do must be within acceptable ethical and destiny/karma based guidelines. You have to be mindful of what’s right, balanced, and good for the most in the longest term; that’s the only correct way to use magic. Incorrect way will result in loss of protection from these beings, and increasing susceptibility to the aforementioned demonic forces who are like the wolves that prey on the weak (the spiritually weak in this case).

8) Rituals and sigils, some are complete nonsense and only good as mnemonic triggers to send a particular message to your subconscious. Some are mere token “signing on the dotted line” that you announce to the demonic world telling them you want this in exchange for giving up some of your freewill and soul energy to them (it’s a way of legally giving away your protection / freewill, hence why demons will chomp at the bit to fulfill your desires there, you know like those musicians who said they sold their soul to the devil and then got rich and famous). Some rituals are means of manipulating the etheric / astral and are thus a form of technology. Regardless, rituals you don’t actually understand, or have some superstitious belief in, make you no different from primitive tribesmen or catholic priests; personally I don’t think rituals and sigils are necessary, at least not the complicated ones.

So long as you intend from the heart and are firm, you don’t need the purple table cloth and dagger and other bullshit. Exceptions are technologies like incense, which can directly affect the etheric ambiance of a room and make it harder for a ghost or demon to inhabit the area; that’s not ritual, that’s an etheric science. But tracing a pentagram in the air and chanting the banishing ritual, that’s not necessary because that’s just a more complicated way of expressing intent, which you can do without the arm waving. Same goes for healing; you can do complicated rituals, or you can just lay hands and up your vibes and thereby allow the higher positive force to do its thing.

The view that the ‘muggles’ can and should be manipulated with magic, that’s a black / negative path approach. Fact is, with proper use of magic, you don’t intend to manipulate anyone; however, synchronicity / higher hand will indeed manipulate people (either by inspiring them, or it just happens accidentally) to help you out. And it won’t come at their expense. Not like you intend for money and the higher force kills your spouse and now you get life insurance payments. I mean more like someone feels inspired and out of the goodness of their heart helps you out, and they feel good for it and might receive a blessing in a synchronistic way as well. Win/win for everyone. The demonic / black / negative path is conservative (like energy and momentum) where you either break even or lose some in the end; every winner comes at the cost of a loser somewhere. Meanwhile, the positive / divine / white path is free energy, win/win for everyone (and if anyone does suffer it’s more a correction mechanism for transgressions they have done, with benevolent intent for their remediation). In any case, I don’t think you should ever manipulate anyone directly and specifically, except to wish them well and bless them into having their spirit, mind, and body strengthened and that they have greater clarity and happiness; that respects their freewill.

Dreaming Future Projects

I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...

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Three Legged

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! Informed opinion Manipulated opinion Observing opinions. I am right I am wrong I only see with tinted glasses I deserve I demand The whole world is mine to take I swing right...

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Attention is Devotion

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! I create it just to create it. It uses me I fall into its' hands Knowing the time will come Knowing it has begun I extends beyond me My time, my work, my effort Grace is made...

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So, What Are We Doing?

So, What Are We Doing?

Life gifts many detours and forks happen/happenstance in the road.   Knowing the path to take is often a spaghetti junction where with eyes shut and wide open (at the same time), you traverse and land in most perfect places even if the detour took you off somewhere else for the time being.   Sometimes the detours are the most precious wanderings.

Since I have been a little girl, I dreamed of the under seen nature of gardens.  Not too many people get a glimpse of this space.   It is usually well hidden.   It is a shame really because it is a most beautiful and mystical place.   They say you should stop and smell the roses.  I think you should stop, get on all fours, crawl under the foliage and breath.   It is like the “forts” and caves of natural spaces and it is where you will meet the mythical beings of other ethereal spaces un-noticed or glimpsed upon by most two leggeds.

Our new land is in Masanamca just outside of Vilcabamba.   It called to Jim many years ago after the passing of his late wife Ruchel.   But, they had already secured a lot and the building process was to become a healing process of Jim when Ruchel flew to the other spaces.    At this time, I was also in healing from “wake-up to reality” experience of being in a relationship with a blue blooded psychopath who shook my word insane.   True to my nature though, I set up a camp in a remote valley and just started working and living outdoors.    Jim was building a house.  I was building a landscape.    We didn’t know each other then but our paths were similar in that we were healing from that thing called human suffering.

Many years later, my daughter joined me in Ecuador and played the match maker enlisting other youngens to join the force of Jim and I coming together.   So we did!   Youngens sometimes have spunked wisdom.

But our lifestyles and living situations were on opposite ends of the spectrum.   I had roughed the outdoors for 4 years.   I was also in the process of understanding the sacred lands I inhabited and the dysfunctions of the characters around me.    Like a night in shining armour, Jim gave me options and a key to release myself from the drama of people.  “Come back to the real world” was his offer.  Basically to live in a house and have the luxuries of modern living (electricity, piped water and a fridge and stove).  And, I realized that the little people of the land, the one’s who worked with their own two hands, had to leave the sacred valley.   This is another story, but a deep and profound one too.    So, I graciously accepted Jim’s key and left that space I called Magical Forest.

The Magical Forest started as a barren, dry, useless tract of land.   I did prove otherwise.  And with it came the dark energy that wanted it to end.    I had laboured crazily to transform and bring to life the correlation of man, plant, animal and insect creating together.  Leaving that space was a massive heart ache that went deep into the recesses of my Soul.    But, as I have learned from past experience, “bloom where you are planted” and I did so on Jim’s land.  But, I waited and held patience for the next step.    I longed.  I ached.  I practiced patience.    Jim and I talked a lot about the troubles of the world, the importance of reclaiming our names, Spirits and Souls.   We shared many talks on the “problems” we all face as a race that is no longer connected.    But, talking about the problems doesn’t change things.   You need solutions.  You need little people to take a step towards inner liberation.   You need to see something different.

We, Jim and I, are not rich meaning we don’t have a lot of “means” so important in the world to secure ourselves.   And,  we don’t “work” like the culture we came from for security, safety and slavery need.   But we dedicate ourselves to doing what we love and providing a little income to sustain ourselves.   In other words, we have choices daily and the freedom to either chill or work depending upon the times.  That in itself is work…and real work.   That, in itself, is a blessing beyond and something in my 50 years I am proud to “be” in.    It is freedom.   We started talking about the solutions.    We needed to move and find the pure source water and soils and really get to a point where we were free?   Where? How?

You know when you on the right track when the synchronicities land in your lap. Synchronicities are events connected to one another not by strict cause-and-effect, but by what in classical times were known as sympathies, by the belief that an acausal relationship exists between events on the inside and the outside of ourselves, a crosstalk between mind and matter—which is governed by a certain species of attraction.   Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes, carry messages the way dreams do, and take on meaning and provide guidance to the degree they correspond to emotional states and inner experiences.

We found the property. Actually, the property found us and its’ owner really wanted us to collaborate.   We were helped and assisted to gain title to the property by various peoples.  This is a group effort.  And, we are so grateful for the gifts and allowances that were offered.    We began the process and placed the property in Miss Kaya’s name (the grandchild).   And, we, together and as one plus one equals three are doing it.

What is “it”?  It is creating a space where, as human beings we can exist and enjoy the fruits of our labour.   “It” is working and co-creating with the Nature around us so that we all flourish.  “It” is a teaching site for others to meet their natural selves.  “It” is being fully human. Fully human?

I recently read ALL of Tom Robbins books like a mad women in thirst and hunger.  In “Fierce Invalids From Hot Climates” there is a philosophy in the book about what it means to be human.  It stuck with me, both for the simplicity and profundity it contains.  The idea is that the characters in the book believe that the human race is not all one species, but exists as a continuum between two poles: on one end we find the “Missing Links,” and on the other end we find “real” human beings.   Robbins  heavily weights towards the Missing Links, estimated to be about 95% of the population. While they appear human, Missing Links tend to be easy to manipulate, lack critical thinking, are highly reactive, and have little compassion.  Not surprisingly, they tend to be far less happy than ‘real’ humans.

Human beings, on the other hand, possess six distinct characteristics that allow them to express and experience their full potential.

These are the six qualities that make us fully human: 

1. Humour:  The ability to laugh—to find life funny and entertaining—is key. Robbins’ characters focus a lot on this particular trait, believing it to be possibly the most important of the six. I agree. If you’re not laughing, you’ve missed the point of this existence.

2. Imagination Sadly, we all have the capacity for great imagination and creativity but our goofy society tends to educate it out of us fairly early on. Our human awareness, which also gives us the capacity for abstract thought, is our greatest gift, and yet so few of us ever fully use this trait.

3. Eroticism Other than bonobos and dolphins, we’re the only species on the planet fond of copulating just for copulation’s sake. Sex—the thought, craving, and experience of it—is an essential part of being human.

Of course this characteristic is on a spectrum, like the others. Not everyone is going to have the same intense experience of sexuality, but for it to be there (and cultivated, even) is hugely important. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but is rather a source of power and insight.

4. Spirituality Robbins doesn’t say that we all need religion or dogma, he argues that a sense of spirituality—a belief and faith in something bigger than our existence—is key. Such awareness is also a wonderful effect of our conscious mind, separating us from the animals with whom we share the planet, and allowing us to live without fear, should we choose.

5. Rebelliousness Tell a human being not to do something, and you’re guaranteed they’re going to do it just because it’s forbidden. But our rebelliousness is not something to be trained out of us so that we all fall in line behind each other like good Missing Links. It’s a symptom of self expression and exploration.

6. Beauty Human beings are able to perceive beauty in the way that one may perceive the perfection of the universe. We are beauty because we are a part of it, though are also capable of creating and experiencing beauty in millions of different forms. This idea relates to our individual style and appreciation of beautiful things, so often usurped by the impulse to fit in to cultural norms.

And so, that is what I think we are doing.   We are creating a space where humour, imagination, erotism, Spirituality, rebelliousness and beauty are encouraged, witnessed, practiced and honoured.

I call it Magical Forest Two.   And, I am also off on a tangent of discovery of JRR Tolkien whose very good friend C.S. Lewis was a personal study as a young teenaged.    You will find the spaces of the middle earth, the shire, the elven forests and the 9 rings of man being played out.  Have I lost it?  YOU bet I HAVE NOT!   I got this more than anything else in my entire life.   Call me crazy!    We will have the last laugh!

So, off we go…now with the legal deed in hand….title is ours and we are doing “it”!

Water, water, water!

Water, water, water!

A second pond was dug this week as a place to enjoy the magic of water.  This pond is an experiment in aquatic plants.  Most of my life, I have brought water to my space and learned about the filtration plants, the water beings and the water bugs.   It is one of my favourite types of gardening.   Jim and I took a long hike up into the Podocarpus to check out of water source.   It was very magical and I am sure I will explore this area more in the years to come.  Looking forward to sharing this space with Miss Kaya on day when she is a little bigger.   The hike to this area meant we had to walk up and over a mountain and along a wee, teeny, weeny little path.  Vertigo set in and I was having tunnel vision…but, as with most fears, you have to keep going and refuse to let them stop you.  Otherwise, you are stagnant.

Laying Foundations Learning Our Water Source

Dreaming Future Projects

I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...

From Destruction Into Creation

From Destruction Into Creation

The road of life is weaves in ebbs and flows of creation and destruction.  I take and honour both with a sense of awe.   Creation exists because destruction exists.  Without the latter, we are not given a gift of knowing and offered a deeper wisdom to forge the destiny of fulfilling our purpose.

Generally, I am a forge ahead girl.  Give me a task that has a sense of purpose, and I will do it and do it well.   I adore creation and on the nights I sleep the deepest are the days I get things done.    That is my signal to a creative day and a job well done.  When I left Magical Forest One in 2016, it was a conscious choice to withdraw from that creation for many reasons. The official dialogue was “I met a man”.  But the man was only one a catalyst on a long list of reasons for a changing of the guards…without and within.   It was time to slow down.  It was time to take stock and re think the purpose of the earth work.   It was time to say “no” to many things in my circle.  It was time to stop.

During the past two years after leaving Magical Forest Two, I have been met with many challenges arising out of the catalytic explosive spark that destroys for creation.  I have held onto an sadness that rose as an anger towards the true story for me leaving that space. And, this was a good thing the creation of Magical Forest rose from that sadness.  I needed to admit my own anger.

And, in the past two years, many difficult and yet amazing things have happened.   The continuation of my ancestral line set a new leaf in Miss Kaya Lluvia who was born into our crazy world in a most precious birth.  At the same time, as a Mother, I have been experiencing another level of “let go” that ALL mothers experience with their children and this never ends even after the “children” become adults.    I’ve fell very ill a few times feeling the weight of life in my physical, emotional and psychological body.   At times I wondered if my body was giving up and questioned my sanity.   I needed to stop.   I was gifted with a live/dry blood microscope that sparked a renewed vigour from my past life as a healer. As fast as it came, the microscope was taken away leaving me questioning my views of who I allowed into my friendship circle. But the moment it left, true friends gathered to put a microscope back into my circle.   I gave my hands to the lands around me… to bloom where I was planted and felt exhausted and almost uninterested.  But, the space around grew in the toil and instructed me to catalogue and deepen a friendship with over 90 medicinal herbs.  So, I worked hard to record, create alchemic tinctures and lay a foundation of education for medicines from garden. (  My partner and I who are a powerhouse couple, began a process of mirroring our stuck-ness and areas manufactured from a culture of manipulation.   We both have that stubborn streak so the process of removing the callouses was raw and painful at times.

All the above experiences were not easy each blasting a destruction energy that we generally try to avoid, resist and tuck away.  I charged into each encounter and realized that at the age of 50, I have a lot of work to do…inner work.   The creative potential required I work at this and this work is important to what is coming next…..and then the next came….

Today, with my partner, the Magical Forest Two is now a reality.   Magical Forest One morphed from a experience of utter change in my life.  In 2011 after a 21 year broken marriage, I left, entirely, everything I knew and all that I thought I knew.   I found myself living in tent in a remote valley of Southern Ecuador and just working the soil feeling a sense of “what the hell is going on?”.   It was from the ashes I rose and created.    There was not much else I could go.   It just grew and it grew because I just started the work the land.   There were many flaws and inside the flaws many things were gifted.   It was hard work and, in many ways, it left me exhausted.  I often felt like I was on the verge of something so important, but I was tired.   That was not the place or the space.  It was meant only as a teaching ground.   And, the dynamics of the characters of the valley Magical Forest one existed was a microcosm of dysfunctions of the world affairs.  Those in that valley who worked the land with our hands and without money all left.   Perhaps this is a reality of our times?

So, the past two years have been a down-time, inner work time, precious painful time…a time of allowing the destructive flow be to let go of that which won’t serve the greater good.   And, that is why Magical Forest Two is rising .. the seed has cracked the concrete and is sprouted.

My mind and hearts eyes are clear this time.   There is no doing without knowing where this is going.   I have a great partner with me whose talents and capabilities perfectly jigsaw that which I am not good with and I match reciprocally.   At this point, we are alone in this creation.   And, that is perfect.   We both desired to gather with others and we both realize the future is not ours to predict.  Our intimacy at this point is with the land is this is the first friendship to cultivate.   Our need for circle is complete.

I’ve spent some time sitting with the new land and feeling it.   My hands have started the process of labouring and they feel it and it feels so good.  It is a very, very good foundation.  The land is in Kaya’s Lluvia name paying forward all our labour and efforts. Lluvia means rain…so we work the space for the waters first.    And, we choose to NOT let the systems we live in have power over our beings.    We knew this land would be ours for a long time, but we did not work it until a sense of security was in place.   The land waited and helped us with the process as Spirit provided gifts and offerings from supportive friends to make this happen.

I am amazed really.  i am in wonder deeply
I am grateful for the destruction of all that which does not work
I am humbled by life guiding us to remember who we are
I am in love with my circle of friendship and, most importantly, my partner.
I am not perfect
I am still learning
I give my hands, my Spirit and my being to the new land of Magical Forest Two
I kiss the ground knowing it embraces me back
I feel hallowed…and a sense of resurection
This is beautification in creation.

Let Magical Forest Two begin!!!!

Dreaming Future Projects

I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...

Creation of the Pond Won Angel

Creation of the Pond Won Angel

So many voices go through my head as I work the land.  I often wish I could record the thoughts, insights and inspirations.   Today, I felt imprinted with the voice of the water.   Without her, we can not create.    With the water now open and trickling, the little hand dug canals through the forest have begun.   Feeling the forest dirt dancing with soil was a moment for me.  A moment when I remember who I am and what I am doing.  Today we also dug for the fish pond that has taken the name of Pond Won Angel.   It is very large.  I have learned to go big with the fish pond as they, the fish, need a deep space that allows for cooler areas.

Jim and I are very, very happy with our machine operator…a young lad from Loja whose name is Angel.   Hence the ponds name.   Angel gets the instructions..he understand what we ask and why.

Tomorrow we do the swimming pond that will be to the side our our abode.   This pond has no name today…it will arrive in it’s creation.

It feels so good to be in the creation once again!    I must admit that I have grieved this work for the past couple of years.   I putter and ponder and the life of the inner being comes alive.

I will say that the foundations are being laid with water.   She is our first friend and most beloved companion.   Water is LIFE!


Dreaming Future Projects

I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...