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I wish…
Wish that it wasn’t so!

That what I know was bull shit
That many start to get it
That baby’s were not mutilated
And our names not incorporated
I wish…
That doctors wouldn’t needle us
With poisons that are ridiculous
And people would understand
True history is actually contraband
I wish…
That Legalese was fought
And Natural Law more sought
That soils weren’t so depleted
And wealth so terribly cheated
I wish…
That the word dumb was foreign
And people used their noggin
That the world didn’t run on money
But milk and herbs and honey
I wish…
Our seeds were left to be true
And plants not sprayed with glyphosate glue
That girls rose to be strong women
And boys weren’t like Homer Simpson
I wish…
Chronic disease was not an issue
and health care was truly for you
That Trump was actually good guy
And politics was a system to live by
I wish….
We knew who we actually are
From the stars, the spirit near and far
That science told the actual truth
And wasn’t a peer controlled spoof
I wish…
We understand the real curve
And not round or flat what on earth
That Tesla’s mind wasn’t taken away
and power was different than today
I wish…
The orphic remained clean and pure
And religions not so terribly cruel
That people focus on the importance
Instead of bickering media nonsense
I wish…
To look up and gaze a pure sky
Not grids of unnatural disguise
That we all understood symbiosis
And our connection to graceful gnosis
I wish…
It wasn’t such a huge fraud hocus
Only discovered with hours of focus
That we are free to live sovereign
Not caged in the evil coven

I wish…

To be in the garden of life
And growing for human’s delight
That magic was greater seen
And fear a transformative sheen
I wish…
The invisible good would rise
Our birthrights recognized
That hope can stay alive
In a grace that is revived.
I wish

I wish in love to be so!


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