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Welcome To My Daily Muse

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words!

One Voice


Informed opinion
Manipulated opinion
Observing opinions.

I am right
I am wrong
I only see with tinted glasses

I deserve
I demand
The whole world is mine to take

I swing right
I swing left
I am just unbalanced

I am okay
I put on the okay face
I am so not okay

Aren’t we all in our bubbles?
What happens when that pops?
The pretending stops
The addictions recognized
The suffering begins
The shadow rises

We are entering a portal, for sure.
Faced with our sentience
That really should not be engineered
As so it is!

So many are discovering the withdrawal
Taking off the mask of the web
In the realness of the solitary space
Somehow the intelligent wisdom lives
And, somehow it will spread.

Three legged stool
This one, that one and the one to hold it up
Come, have a seat
Sentiment seat of sorrow
In the balance you will rise.

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How to!

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Daily Muse

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