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We are in a circuit folks and it is causing a Spiritual pickle! I am seeing different types of attitudes emerging right now:

..those who don’t care
…don’t want to know
….those who know but don’t care
…..those who know and who care deeply.
Is it possible that those who don’t know and don’t care are in a better space? I don’t think so at all! Why, because they are not growing nor do they have potential to evolve.  They are numb and they are holding us all back.   I know many who know but “gave up” a long time ago and that implies they lost their care.    Basically, they summarize it is all as useless. They are not helping move things along though.  The latter two are the truth seekers.  And, all of the truth seekers are currently feeling a less than optimistic tension about the world affairs. With this tension comes the outright visibility of their own dysfunctions too. I suggest this is a good marker that change is afoot. I think we are in a critical phase.  I honor the truth seekers who care!
And, it is like crazy meeting crazy…guess what in this dynamic, that is when exhaustion moves in. Anyone want a drink, a smoke, a pill right now? Let’s totally distract ourselves from the realities. There are many ways to go numb. Although….the crazy still exists at the other end. So, now what?
With the increase in disillusionment (discovering the reality and seeing how dark it is) comes the tunnel of the dark nights. IAnd, in this chaos, I notice panic and anxiety rising. I have plenty of friends whom I would say are clinically depressed. Some are repressed. Some are profoundly sad. I see a glazed worry in many eyes. Is it possible we are going into a collective panic? Let’s look at what happens when the body goes into panic? You can’t catch your breath. You feel consumed by fear and may even thinking you’re dying — even though you’re really in no danger. The hormone adrenaline floods into your bloodstream, putting your body on high alert. Your heartbeat quickens, which sends more blood to your muscles. Your breathing becomes fast and shallow, so you can take in more oxygen. Your blood sugar spikes. All of these changes — which happen in an instant — give you the energy you need to confront a dangerous situation or get out of harm’s way quickly. But, there is one other thing that happens….your senses get sharper. Senses get sharper? What is that about? What if many of us are feeling a sacred anxiety that is rising to offer us another type of wake up…another sense of wakening?
And, as above, so below. Stay with me….
I assume…. many are seeking deeper answers, a greater understanding and a better way. We are learning and discovering that much of what we’ve been TOLD & taught is bull shit. Couple this with the shit happening on our computer/TV screens in the drama of global affairs and I don’t think anyone can say it is offering a state of inner peace. It’s chaotic and it is distracting. For those of us who have looked deeper into the rabbit holes, my gosh, it is so full of wretched stench and darkness, it sucks and is disgusting. Of course it is very difficult to digest (if digest is the correct word). It all amounts to sick lies that create disorder and chaos. So this awareness exists on one plane…  let’s think about water for a moment. Water exists in three distinct states — liquid (water), vapor (steam) and solid (ice). Like water, our being consists of three distinct elements–physical, mental and spiritual.  So, when our physical body is clamped, constrained, you can bet our other bodies are too.  How do we get out of it?
There are two possibilities to this discernment on the body states…. but first…let me share that I honour those who have gone down the rabbit holes. It is a dirty hole and it has a stench that really depresses us. But, I also know that these discoveries can knock out of Spirit and faith in humanity. And, it does put us into a panic mode….. so, here is what I am thinking…what if these panics were a gift from the Spiritual self/side to knock us into a deeper and different “wake up”?   What if the term wake up is not only about waking up to the truths (often horrible truths) about our world, but also about the truth of who we are and truths at the different levels of existence?
Either way, the goals is not to let the knowledge of darkness diffuse YOUR LIGHT!
IT IS NOT WHO WE ARE and it should NOT control us or dismember our mystical lights.
If truth were free, we’d all have it in spades already, and some of us wouldn’t be in the spiritual pickle we’re in. In my estimation, if we want real freedom in this life we have to study and acknowledge the different levels of existence.  We are not just of this world.   Too many people banging around down here on the physical plane who are too easily swayed into believing things for which there is literally no hope. Isn’t that the same way of saying the darkness has won? The universe, our uni-verse, isn’t actually as complex or confusing as it is made to be. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a mathematical equation to our figuring out our higher selves. It takes some silence to figure it out.  Silence!    And, if we keep looking “out there”, we will miss the greatest story ever told.
You only keep awakening to your own self in your head….
You only keep awakening to your own self in your head….
We aren’t just the body…and the mind that identifies as the body. We are singular focal point of consciousness projecting the entire universe around us. From micro to macro and back again! That is a truth. That is being exposed scientifically….and is the yummy core of many ancient faiths.
The energy that we title our “spirit or soul” is perhaps what it is all about.. My gosh, how many times did Jesus talk about light…and do you actually think this is just a metaphor? Now, consider this when times seem dark!
Where our attention flows…..
Beware of the trick that darkness is playing with us humans.
Are you controlled or free? Are you in light or darkness?
Do you get who you are? My gosh, get out and go to nature!
It is easy to count the seeds in a apple but a little bit more difficult to count the apples in a seed.
Please watch


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