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Welcome To My Daily Muse

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words!

One Voice


Fear, it is the great awakener!    We tend to coil from it…but what if we stood a solid ground in the face of fear?

To be alive at this time means to become a witness, willing or unwilling, to the loosening of the web of nature as well as the unraveling of the fabric of culture. It demands our maturity.  It asks us to face the fear!

When faced with difficulties, a child will often run the side of a parent looking for the place of least tension and greatest comfort/security. We learn to handle the threats as we grow. Maturity is a person’s ability to withstand and even understand the tensions and challenges that come with growing up and facing the issues at hand (not hiding) square on. It is also taking responsibility for it all. Ownership (of self or anything else for that matter) is taking responsibility.
If mature means “to ripen,” not simply to take on responsibilities but to be exposed to the weather of life and become fully grown well-rounded….it comes with responsibility. In order to withstand the stress of life, a person must become who they truly are at their core seed and ripen into the unique individual they are intended to be from the very beginning fully responsible. So, if that seed is not growing, consider composting and setting a more fertilized container.
And, remember, creation didn’t happen…it is always happening.