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Welcome To My Daily Muse

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words!

One Voice


Do you know what I love? I love being open and listening to the world. I love being open and listening to myself. I love being able to put puzzle pieces of particulates into place and see a new picture. I love assuming nothing is only rationale, logical and factual. I love watching how the bigger mind is operating. I love hearing and considering that which I did not think about or upon. I love being pushed to a place where I am in question and then seeing/discovering the morsel of truth. I love the mystical and the esoteric. It definitely explains a lot of things unexplainable in our world. I love entertaining bigger and bigger possibilities and then seeing it even bigger in wonder. I love the work (although that is really hard). I love practicing being gentle as I know I can be harsh. I love knowing when to walk away, when to go straight in and when to let it be. After all is said, all is done, all is considered, I love being able to return to the shire where the true living exists. Green and alive! Its’ simplicity emanates from a living in service to others…friendship, dedication and honour for the littleness that brightly smiles and sometimes cries. If there is one purpose for us all, it is this…service to others. Now, how are you being that….all you have to is ask yourself in your own private mind, where I am serving me? Hopefully you can acknowledge that program that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.