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I was just blessed with experiencing and being with my dog companion, Venus’s passing.    She has not been well since I returned from Canada almost two years ago.  Our house-sitter did not take care of our animals and we returned to two very sick dogs.   The battle both at an emotional level and the physical has been present ever since.  Venus never fully recuperated and has fallen ill many times since.

This morning, though, I felt her Spirit was weak and this afternoon she lay down for her last time.    Her breathing was shallow no food, water or love would entice her to get up.   So, I just sat with her.     I kept talking to her telling her to go to Jupiter, her brother who past in the Magical Forest One.   I told her it was okay.   And, I sat and sat.

When the breathing was coming to an end, she did look up at me.  Her pupils enlarged enormously into two translucent-like golden green mirrors.    I suppose this is the moment of DMT that floods the body before we cross.    I know this was the DMT, the Spirit Molecule the permeates all of life.   What a gift to be with her.   And, I know to cry, but not to hold on to her.   Dogs do become gate keepers for the other side…she is waiting now to greet me one day…with her brother Jupiter.

I am glad Venus got to see Magical Forest Two.   She has been coming out with me daily and I actually thought her Spirit was returning.   I am sure she was deeply happy for me and this new land.


  1. John Verway

    Great that you were there with her and for her.

    • Leisha

      yes, thank you… it was beautiful albeit sad too <3


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