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A second pond was dug this week as a place to enjoy the magic of water.  This pond is an experiment in aquatic plants.  Most of my life, I have brought water to my space and learned about the filtration plants, the water beings and the water bugs.   It is one of my favourite types of gardening.   Jim and I took a long hike up into the Podocarpus to check out of water source.   It was very magical and I am sure I will explore this area more in the years to come.  Looking forward to sharing this space with Miss Kaya on day when she is a little bigger.   The hike to this area meant we had to walk up and over a mountain and along a wee, teeny, weeny little path.  Vertigo set in and I was having tunnel vision…but, as with most fears, you have to keep going and refuse to let them stop you.  Otherwise, you are stagnant.

Laying Foundations Learning Our Water Source


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