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“….finally, in the end, I think it’s pretty obvious at least to all of all us who’ve traveled in these remote reaches of the planet, to realize that they’re not remote at all. They’re homelands of somebody. They represent branches of the human imagination that go back to the dawn of time. And for all of us, the dreams of these children, like the dreams of our own children, become part of the naked geography of hope.”

The Kogi have come to the area that I live 4 times in the past couple of years.  On each occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to be present and witness the unfolding of their communication and interaction with us “gringos” and “white folk”.  Each occasion afforded me a different angle of perspective.   I do not fully grasp the intensity of experiencing their teachings and presence, but I do know I am left with intrigue and continue to follow the path of understanding.  The Ted Talk I share below talks about the Kogi at the 8:40 mark.

The picture to the left is of a statue I created near the Magical Forest One.   This picture felt like a premonition to me.   He, the statue, no longer exists.  The red man goes to the dust from where he came!







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