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On the path of awakening, there are conditions of the self:

  1. Deeply know thyself on every level.
  2. Be  free from authority by an awakening interest and enquiry into your own mind, body and soul so that you know the direction to take and the answers to the questions you ask
  3. Realize and be aware of the conditions which will call upon you to stand on your own feet and in the circle of friends and rely on your soul to lead.  This means we do not rely on other humans but even the smallest can be a beloved teacher, friend and master of wisdom.

This is a self study. In the act of the study, there are forces that will assist as they are watching, waiting.   It causes you to take your eyes off yourself and revitalizes the quest to serve humanity.   It is fixing the eyes upon the vision.   It is guarding the tongue, minding the mind and forward movement in intelligence.   It is joining all that is good so that the current dangers are relieved.     All of us are needed…even the least of us.   It is a deep unfaltering love.  It is exoteric and esoteric.


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