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Welcome To My Daily Muse

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words!

One Voice


I purge my life of all things that drag me down. That wear me out. That leave me feeling like life is too heavy to transform.

I clear my closets of any uniforms that feel oppressive. Any suits that no longer suit me. Any capes that cover up my curves in shame.

I am here to proclaim my love for the entirety of my presence.

I clear my libraries of any stories passed down to me that do not hold my name in high regard. Any catalogues of failures that frame them as shameful instead of insightful. Any collections of condemnation that halt me from trying new things.

I welcome the empty spaces that this purge creates. I remember that releasing what is burdensome yet familiar is far from comfortable, but completely necessary if I am to grow. I am willing to deepen my relationship to what I need, knowing that I might have to distance myself from those that want my energy but don’t supply me with much support in return. At this point I’d rather rally around my long-term growth than placate my aches and pains with nutrient-lacking doses of immediate gratification.