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What I am learning lately….

If the doorknobs of life won’t turn, don’t force it even if you desperately want to get to the other side. It may only cause a broken key or more. Maybe there is another door waiting to be opened?

If things are not running smoothly, then they probably weren’t meant to be. Again, don’t force it. Another opportunity is waiting to be found.

Life shouldn’t have to be a struggle….even the challenges are gift bearers and usually the most amazing ones. Stop blaming the outside world for your experience. We always have a choice about our reference view. Our job, honestly, is to be happy no matter what. That doesn’t mean you don’t care. That means you accept it all and do the best in all situations. It means that when you are in a shitty situation, you get to choose that situation with curiosity..rather than it choosing you. It means you get to celebrate each encounter especially when it is difficult….just say “hey, I am finding (and get to observe) this hard moment” That I own. That will bring me gifts!

With love…always


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