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…to change the world…to make a difference…  well, what are we doing?

this is my action


Magical Forest was a creation started in 2011 between a human and Nature.   It was located in a remote valley of the Andes Mountain’s of Southern Ecuador.   This particular space is no longer in creation with the Nature of a Human as the Human left the forrest in 2016.   But the seed lives and is held carefully, deeply and gently so the  Magical Forest Two can sprout.   For me, Magical Forest is my little dance to remember the past and create a future and express the widsoms of these two poles in balance.

This is a personal page from Leisha Naja sharing views, ideas, ideals, dreams, psychological findings and Spiritual Muses. It will diary the creation of the Magical Forest Two.   I do this first and foremost for my child and my child’s child.   I pray my ancestors are behind and beside me!

My name is Leisha and this is my garden of words expressing a way of one human trying to create a better world.

Most Recent Sharings

Agnihotra – The Living Fire!

The Nature Spirits (especially those of the fire element) have been trying to grab my attention for many years flashing the ceremony of Agnihotra at me hoping I would realize their clues.   Due to my ignorance, I obviously did not hear and misunderstood the concept,...

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I Wish Poem

I wish... Wish that it wasn't so! That what I know was bull shit That many start to get it That baby's were not mutilated And our names not incorporated I wish... That doctors wouldn't needle us With poisons that are ridiculous And people would understand...

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Dreaming Future Projects

I am laying the foundation... I am layering the bricks.... When you make the decision towards self sufficiency, one important key is to determine the way the land will provide and sustain.   It is finding a way to generate that which the land can not...

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Three Legged

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! Informed opinion Manipulated opinion Observing opinions. I am right I am wrong I only see with tinted glasses I deserve I demand The whole world is mine to take I swing right...

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Touch Me Not Plant – Shy, Humble, Sensitive

Touch me not” as I will react, retract. I am sensitive. I am shy. I am humble.  And, I have little tiny claws that will sting you.. Talking about stings, I am snake bite venom, contain the “God molecule”, will alleviate your depression and anxiety, balance...

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A Spiritual Pickle.

We are in a circuit folks and it is causing a Spiritual pickle! I am seeing different types of attitudes emerging right now: ..those who don't care ...don't want to know ....those who know but don't care .....those who know and who care deeply. Is it...

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Attention is Devotion

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! I create it just to create it. It uses me I fall into its' hands Knowing the time will come Knowing it has begun I extends beyond me My time, my work, my effort Grace is made...

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The Water Song

We were told that we would see America come and go. In a sense America is dying, from within, because they forgot the instructions of how to live on earth.Its the Hopi belief, its our belief, that if you are not spiritually connected to the earth, and...

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Lil One’s First Visit To The Land

On my 51st Birthday, Jim and I introduced Kaya to the new land.    This land and all the work we do has a forward motion as we gift this property and all its' fruits to her and her forward "sight" too.   It is through the children and the 7 generations...

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The Labyrinth Garden – The Beginning

On the other side of the Elven Forest appears the Labyrinth That will adorn the bloom of Flanders Fields The silt soil covers perfectly the forest floor Full of years of mulched ancient yields. Time to take a walk Step by step! The labyrinth combines the imagery of...

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Facing FEAR

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! Fear, it is the great awakener!    We tend to coil from it...but what if we stood a solid ground in the face of fear? To be alive at this time means to become a witness,...

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A little RANT

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! OKAY..... a rant..... We have to do something... the world is run by criminals and we are arguing with our neighbours. We are being bombarded with shitty situations all over...

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What I Love…

Daily thoughts, contemplations, realizations and awakenings!   My journey of life with words! Do you know what I love? I love being open and listening to the world. I love being open and listening to myself. I love being able to put puzzle pieces of particulates into...

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The Great Awakening – Fly Wheel

There is something that ties everything together! For those that get, you will understand the dynamics of our times muddling the greater truths. We are all in the echo chamber that is expanding...stretching us into something new. I want it and I...

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One Voice from Leisha and the Creation of Magical Forest Two

It does not matter to me if my voice is heard or seen…it is more about just putting my little voice out there…..ONE VOICE…and sharing the Magic.    My first desire is that a special young lady named Miss Kaya will read this in years to come and understand a little about herself and her past and create Magic in her own world.  This is my Grandmummy Voice!

Magic is science.   Science doesn’t yet understand magic. That said, science and magic can be used ethically or unethically. It depends on the level of ignorance and ego-need of the user. Good and Healthy Magic requires harmony with the whole and to be of maximum benefit to everyone.   Magic arises from the deepest beliefs, mindset, root assumptions and reflect (mirror) to the external circumstances through a sub-quantum mechanism.The subconscious is the gateway to magic and to tuning into your reality. This is the foundation of magic.

My life work is in the Natural Healing Arts and my tools are a microscope (live/dry blood) and an Iridology camera.   I work with the plants and have created an online apothecary and another blog about healing, health and the natural arts of medicines!

The Magical Forest Two will be the new home and holder of the medicines and a site of teaching about Natural Healing from the garden to the medicine to the “word”

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